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Act!™ is the top rated, best selling Contact Relationship Management software. The complete customer and calendar management software that will help you turn contacts into relationships and relationships into results! Act! is easy to use, integrated, full-featured and flexible. With it you can:

  • Record and then easily look up phone numbers, names, addresses, and other information in seconds;
  • Record and recall every detail of every conversation with every contact;
  • View your calendar in month, day or week format;
  • Print a daily list of all the people you need to call, meetings you need to attend, and action items to complete;
  • Communicate with your contacts quickly and easily using integrated e-mail;
  • Print or e-mail a letter to one person or to a group (mail-merged letters) quickly;
  • Track, forecast and manage your sales opportunities with ease;
  • Print reports from your contact data;
  • and much, much more!

Whether you call it Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management or something else, using these technologies is no longer a competitive advantage; it is now a competitive necessity.

52% of sales reps say that the #1 reason they lose sales is that they don’t stay in touch with their contacts enough; ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Once again, the old adage holds true. When the majority of sales reps cite this as the number one cause for lost sales - and when many others list it as number two and three - you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the problem. It’s ineffective use of time and tools!

The simple fact is that Act! helps you to stay in touch with your contacts and on top of your opportunities; quickly and easily. You’ll be able to be in front of your prospects and customers more often. You’ll “be there” when the window of opportunity is open and close more $ales!

Sure, you can get Act! up and running by yourself; one of its greatest selling points. But to be really effective, you need the help of someone who has set up dozens of Act! systems, for individuals and large companies and helped them to get the most out of Act!™.

So, the next question is…How can we help?


Well, Act! is easy to use, but not always simple!

And that’s where we come in. We are intimately familiar with sales, sales management and the sales process. And, we’re intimately familiar with Act!. We provide consulting, customization, training and support services that help you get what you want, and more importantly what you need out of Act!.

Sure we can teach you how to use the many features of Act!. All the mechanics. And, if you’re like most people, there are probably many that you are not using!

But more importantly we can help to make Act! really work for you!  We’ll meet with you to find out how you handle contact relationship management now and what you want and what you need.

Then through the effective use of Act!, possibly other sales and marketing tools and our services we will help you to develop and maintain profitable customer relationships and provide a competitive differentiation in a world where products and services can be thought of as commodities.

the dapian group, llc is in the business of helping companies and individuals solve the most critical business issue they face - getting and keeping customers! Through the effective use of Act! and our services you can:

  • Increase sales!
  • Decrease sales costs!
  • Effectively qualify and lead prospects through the sales process!
  • Better manage the sales funnel!
  • Quickly and easily produce accurate sales forecasts!
  • Reduce time spent on administrative duties!
  • Be better prepared and organized!
  • Gain more “face to face” selling time!
  • Enhance professionalism!
  • Improve customer loyalty!
  • Increase customer retention!
  • Reduce training time!
  • Effectively handle damage control!
  • And more!

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