Take your business to a new level of efficiency by linking your Act! and QuickBooks applications together.

Having separate Act! and QuickBooks databases can be a major source of inefficiency and duplicate work. With QSalesData link for Act! you eliminate double-entry and make Act! and QuickBooks users more productive.

Key Features of QuickBooks Integration for Act!

  • Link Records between Act! and QuickBooks
  • Synchronize Contact field updates between Act! and QuickBooks
  • Create QuickBooks Customers from Records in Act!
  • Create QuickBooks Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders and Sales Receipts from Act!
  • Convert Act! Opportunities to QuickBooks Transactions
  • QuickBooks Item List syncs to Act! Product List
  • View QuickBooks Sales Transactions in Act!
  • View the current and last 4 years of sales totals in Act!
  • View Past Due Balance information and Last Invoice Date in Act!
  • Data resides in Act! fields so your Act! users won’t need access to QuickBooks to view Sales Data in Act!
  • All Data Synchronizes out to Act! Remote Databases
  • You can now link Act! contacts to QuickBooks Jobs
  • Full QuickBooks Job functionality integration with Act!
  • Works with Windows Desktop versions of: Act! v18 and newer; and, QuickBooks Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise v2007 and newer. Does not work with Act! Web or QuickBooks Online.