Dapian Group provides Act! Emarketing consulting services to help implement the right Emarketing solution for you! With Act! integrated email marketing you can grow your business in a simple and cost-effective way. With tools to create unique, eye catching email templates you can send emails directly from your Act! database to your contacts. Act! Emarketing tools also offer tracking abilities such as Spam Check, so you can send your emails with confidence and know they’re received!

Benefits of Act! Emarketing

  • A simple and cost-effective way to grow your business by taking the guesswork out of marketing and follow-up
  • Create, send, and track professional, eye-catching campaigns that reach customers and prospects with the right message at the right time
  • Know who to follow up with first with intelligent, prioritized Call Lists
  • Is integrated into Act!
  • Three plans available to meet your needs
  • The Basic Act! Emarketing account is included with your purchase of Act! at no extra cost!
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  • How to get started
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Email Tracking

Not only does Act! Emarketing give you the ability to create custom templates, but you have the ability to track your emails. With tracking analysis options you can see who opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed and more! This allows you to monitor results and interactions to further customize your templates and maximize your email marketing efforts!

Call Lists

After sending an email blast to your contacts, prioritizing your recipients can be a challenge. With Act! Emarketing, you can create a list of the contacts that are most interested in your email based on their interactions! This allows for great customer prioritization and follow-up opportunities! 

Get Started With Act! Emarketing

Are you ready to create and send campaigns, analyze results and view contact history with Act! Emarketing solutions? Dapian Group is ready to work with you to implement the right Emarketing solution for your business! With Act! Emarketing Consulting services we can help you optimize all options and help your business grow in a cost-effective way! Contact Dapian Group today!