Act! CRM Certified Consultants in NC & SC

We are Act! & Swiftpage Certified Consultants located in Charlotte, NC and since 1993 have provided Act! consulting, customization, training and support services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond.

As an Act! consultant, our goal is to help sales people and sales teams turn sales data into sales dollars™. We do this primarily by helping them to get the most from Act!™ and when appropriate, by implementing additional sales and marketing tools. Since 1993 we have been helping sales people and sales teams to become more effective with their use of Act!™ - the top rated, best selling Customer Management system.

Our clients are business owners, sales managers and sales people who, prior to becoming clients, have told us that they are:

  • Losing sales because they don’t have any way or a good way of tracking contact and sales data and are not following through.
  • Dissatisfied at how they qualify and lead prospects through the sales process.
  • Discouraged with their ineffective pipeline management.
  • Feeling pressure and disappointment as they know they can get more from Act! but don’t know just what they can get or how they can get it.

If any of these are situations that resonate with you, we should talk! Call us at 704-365-4322, send us an email or open a support ticket by using our online form.

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What We Offer

  • Introductory Meeting - Dapian Group offers our potential clients a complimentary introductory meeting [face to face or over the telephone]. In this meeting we will discuss your business and sales processes and other issues related to your use of Act!  Both your company and the Dapian Group have an opportunity to determine the benefits of the next step and what that next step would look like.
  • Needs Analysis - When implementing a new system or overhauling an existing system the Dapian Group will conduct a Needs Analysis meeting in which in-depth discussions, surveys, evaluations and a needs assessment takes place. The survey, evaluation and assessment will provide information so that recommendations may be made.
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The customization phase is where the Dapian Group makes requested changes and additions to your Act! system. This might include, but is not limited to: helping you analyze what data you should track; creating a customized database structure based on the data you want to track; design a customized screen layout to display the data you want to track; create custom document templates for letters, memos, faxes, quotes, proposals and more; create custom reports; create custom activity types; create custom activity Series; create custom Sales Processes and Sales Stages; create custom Lookups and Advanced Queries.
  • Private Individual - Class content may be structured to your specific needs and may be for three or more hours.
  • Private Company - Class content is customized to and focuses on the needs and desires of your company. Students receive course materials and 30 day complimentary e-mail and/or telephone support. Class may be for four or eight hours and should have no more than eight attendees.

Whether you are a long time Act! user or a brand new user, there will be times when you need some help. We can help you with problems, provide you with training, perform diagnostics, troubleshoot technical issues, install software and more. We provide Act! system and software support services onsite and via e-mail, telephone, and Live Remote Assistance*

  • Live Remote Assistance (LRA) is provided via the Internet and phone. LRA allows us to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard. You are in full control of your computer at all times. You always have overriding control of your mouse and keyboard and you can end the screen-sharing session at any time.

Wherever you are, we can provide you with Live Remote Assistance via the Internet and phone.  We can: provide you with training; install or update Act!; perform customization; help you with problems; perform diagnostics; troubleshoot technical issues; and, more.

As one of the top Act! CRM software consultants in North Carolina and South Carolina, Dapian Group can help you find the solution best for you. Contact our Act! consultants to set up your CRM software today.

Call us at 704-365-4322
or send us an e-mail.

Client Testimonials

Dan at Dapian Group is a must if you use Act! I have tried to do upgrades on our own and we spend more time and energy trying to figure it only to mess things up more. Dapian Group on the other hand comes in with ease, expertise and exceptional service and gets the JOB DONE! He brings incredible “Value Add” also when consults for us. Dan’s business acumen combined with amazing customer service makes him the right choice for much of our IT needs and customization of the ACT product.

Jason Bessire

President, Bessire & Associates

Dan performed our CRM upgrade- Act!2005 to Act!2009. Aside from listening to all of our concerns, he consulted with us to totally understand what we used Act! for. After the migration, Dan worked very closely with us to customize reports, build fields, and enhance the experience within Act!. After the migration was complete, Dan trained our users with a custom user guide. We are very pleased with his work, and look forward to the next training session.

Philip Ciccarello

Director Information Technology, Charlotte Regional Partnership.

We were a small start up firm and our needs were simple when we first met Dan, He worked with us as though we were a much larger client. Dan has always been attentive to our needs and has made wonderful suggestions concerning various projects. I can’t imagine working with anyone else for our database needs. It was very difficult to pick the three top attributes because all the attributes listed describe Dan’s client service with us. We were very fortunate to have met him.

Rebecca Douglass

VP/Partner, Capital Management of the Carolinas, LLC.